From the beginning of the creation of the world of mankind jealousy reared its ugly head. The bible helps us to see how Satan was jealous of his own father. How he wanted what belongs to him, how he took steps to acquire it by lying to his father’s earthly children. So once the lie was told mankind began his ugly history right here on earth. Once the ugliness began it did not stop; it has continued right down to our day.

Past history has seen hate, murder, stealing, lying, jealousy in all forms. Back in the Garden of Eden with the lie being told to Eve she stole what was not hers. As sin began to take its place Cain killed his brother Able. Then he lied about it. Why? Because he was jealousy. A lot of bad things happened after that, what is more important is the secession of world powers

Each of these world powers starting with Egypt, then Assyria, next Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and now the dual world power Britain and the US. Each one came about by overthrowing the other one.

World power after world power has failed because each proceeding powers over through the one before it with war and taking of what was left. Now we are down to the last world power and mankind have still not changed. They still kill, steal, hate, and have a jealousy that can never be really explained. That jealousy has expanded to people not just the leader taking but every day people now wanting what others have, never being satisfied with what they have. Feeling as if this earth belongs to them and only them. The only difference in mankind today and the first humans on earth is they did not have a problem with skin color.

What do you think History has taught humans?



Past and future

I think that we all have a little prejudice in us weather we want to admit it or not. It has been said that without our past there would be no future. So by looking back to the past it shows why we have reason to feel a little prejudice. I can only hope that the future will get better.

I have seen a lot of changes over the years and there are still a lot that need to be changed. Attitudes play a lot in changing things. I have had to pray hard myself not to let the attitude of others push me back to hate. Where I live at, racial prejudice is felt very strong.

In this day and time you would think that the generation that hated so hard would be gone but regardless to what Sidney Poitier said in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner “that until the whole generation of his acting father had laid down and died would the yoke of their hatred be gone off his neck.” He forgot that some of the children of that generation was being taught by their parents the same hate that they had. So prejudice would never be fully eradicated because they would also teach their children the same thing.

So my question to you is should we allow the prejudices of family, friends, or evil neighbors and their children set us back hundreds of years and become like them? Or should we just feel sorry for them and push on for a better future?

The one thing I have tried to do is teach my children that skin color should never matter when it comes to marriage and love. That whoever a person falls in loves with should be from their heart. There is only one race on the face of this earth and that is the human race and that each and every one of us has pigmentation to our skin, all different in some form or another. Remember one thing that the Almighty God Jehovah himself said he is not partial (Acts 10:34) he love us all he just hates the bad and evil things that some of us do and feel.

Barbie rants signs off with a little advice to each and every one of you keep love in your heart for all people regardless of pigmentation. The only one that is good is the almighty God Jehovah himself as Jesus helps us to see (Mark 10:18).


The Problem with Hawaii Five O

Hello it’s me, Barbie Rants. I have been away for a long time the reason, this use to be a sounding board for me to let off steam in order not to shut down on life and people in general. I find myself coming back to this blog because of a TV show. A show, that I am sure that a lot of you know Hawaii 5 O. I love the classics and I hate when people start changing a good TV show for a lousy immoral one. The remake of the Show started out good as a matter of fact I started watching it because of my son. But now I have to wonder where they are taking this show. Are they trying to make Steve and Danny homosexual in the show because that is exact ally what it looks like?

I love the bible and I believe whole soul that it is the word of the true God Jehovah. So when I watch this show that played on the 8th of January My thoughts lead me to the scripture at Roman 1:26, 27 “That is why God gave them up to disgraceful sexual appetites, for both their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature, and likewise even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another males with males, working what is obscene (the indecency) and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which was due for their error).

couple-1030744_1920 mixWhen God created Adam the scripture shows that he created a woman for him not another man. (Genesis 1:26-28) But Satan controls this world of wicked humans as 1John 5:19 shows. So we can expect his children to do the things contrary to bible principal. Yes his children, those of you who are out there living immoral lives you are as the bible labels you children of Satan the Devil. 2 Corinthians 4:4 tell us that he has blinded your minds. The bible also let us know that there are only two sides Jehovah the true God and Satan the Devil the false god. Satan the Devil is the one that you are following so it makes you the children of Satan the Devil.

I hope that the writer of this show is not homosexual the reason why they are going this route. If you are I for one will no longer be watching it. The original Hawaii 5 O which is a classic was not that kind of a show. Just because there are some who think they have the right to disrespect the bible and God’s laws does not make it right for you to throw their immoral behavior up in the face of those who believe in the Holy Scripture and are trying to live by all the commands that Jesus the greatest teacher that ever lived taught.

This is Barbie Rants signing off for now.



  I often wonder if the changes that are being made in life are good or bad. I look back at a time when going to a library was a time when you could study or read in peace and quiet. It seems as if now a change has taken place and quiet is no longer being enforced.  Now I am being told that it is a community place where people, because they do so much for the community, are allowed to talk loud laugh and keep up all sort of noise. Decorate Christmas trees and hold just about any and every thing they want now in the library. As I now live in Palm Coast Florida I often wonder if all Libraries in all other states have sunk to this level. I remember when I lived in Ohio the library in Euclid as well as downtown Cleveland was a place of quiet even the computer section I can only hope that it is still the same.

 Now days here in Palm Coast, and Ormond beach they have the retired who evidently do not need money because they work for free and those who do need a job, that pays can not get one in a library, as long as the freebee are there . Their bills don’t get paid and they end up out on the street.  No wonder the economy is in such bad shape.  Every one is stuffing their own pockets, and other is suffering because the freebee takes the jobs that should go to those who need to work. It just like the government who when people donate to their campaign they in return give them bail out or government contract. The whole world seems to be crooked.

 They come in sick and spread their germs so that others end up sick. They are on Medicare so they don’t worry about paying medical bills. There are those who have no insurance and have to pay out of pocket, have no jobs so they cannot go to doctors for help, because they cannot afford to give an arm or leg for help. To me that is just wrong.

 That is just my opinion. What is your?



How clean is it? Are people ignorant? Or is it that they just do not care about others?    I recently stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Port Orange, FL. The room in itself all in all was not bad. Once the air circulated the stuffiness was abated.  However there was something that made me itch all night, as it did not affect my daughter I can only assume that there was something in the hotel that I may have been very sensitive to.

The food being served for breakfast was not bad. What I consumed was fresh, and tasty. The problem, begin when a man walked into the food area with his dog. That is why I asked the questions above.  Common sense should have told the man that it was against the law to have his dog in the food area. If I had been from the board of health, or some other person there had been working for the board of health the hotel would have been fined.

I have to commend the front desk clerk who immediately stepped in and told the man that the dog could not be in the area. The man got mad but who cares. He may complain to the owner, but if the owners are in any way right they will give the clerk a commendation or a raise for doing his job.

People with animals should realize that just because they don’t mind eating dog hair and having animals around their food does not mean that every one wants the same thing. What you do in your own home is your business, but to bring it out in public is just wrong. If you like kissing your dogs in the mouth, have them eating off your plate’ that’s your business. Personally I think it is disgusting, and will not even eat in a person home that has dogs, or cats.

It seems as now day’s people can not take trips unless they take their pets with them. It was already bad enough that you can no longer sit on the grass, have picnics like we did years ago without ending up in dog mess, but even walking on the side walks has become dangerous as you may end up stepping in dog mess if you are not looking down where you are walking. They are sleeping in the hotel now and you end up sleeping in the rooms where they have slept and for those of you who maybe like me are very sensitive to the smells usually end up in one of those rooms.

Over the past year I have stayed in ten hotels, nine different ones. These hotel has been located in Georgia, Texas, Paris France, Washington State, Ohio, Main, and Florida. Out of all there are only three I would definitely recommend, and one I would semi recommend.

  1. The Quality Inn in Marysville, WA. That I almost missed out on because of staying in one in St. Augustine FL.
  2. The Hampton Inn in Beachwood Ohio
  3. The Fairfield Marriot in Palm Coast FL

The Simi recommendation would be the LaQuinta here in Port Orange FL. The one this article is about.

The bottom line is you people with your pets, try being respectful of other and the rules governing your pet in public. Don’t put them in baby carriage like so many that I see do in order to sneak them in to places that said no pets.

Barbie Rants

Laws and the people who make them

In reading some of the comment concerning the Health care bill that was passed I could not help but see how enraged everybody is. Those for it and those against it. Those who want the states to intervene. I could not help but wonder if any of you know what your state is doing with other laws that are in effect in those states take for instance the real estate laws that they have written in the contract that you sign when you make a bid on a house. If you win that bid then you have to have the house inspected. Which is fine, it is the wording that is in the contract in statement 100 that causes a great deal of concern for me. If you decided that you do not want the house because there may be something seriously wrong with it then if the inspector has done any damage at all in his inspection then you have to pay for that damage. For example say the roof is rotten and the inspector falls through then you have to repair the part of the roof that he fell through. Hopefully he already has insurance to pay for any medical cost he may incur from his fall. If there is something wrong with the material that was used in the walls and he took a sample you have to pay to have that fixed. When I called them on that I was told that they would go after the inspector for any damage done but they refuse to put it in writing, or remove the wording in the contract that the buyer would be responsible for the damage.

So when you people stop and think about what your state want to do, try reading some of the laws they already have in effect. Everyone is out for themselves. Don’t think for one minutes those people who are fighting so hard to keep this health bill from become a law cares about you. they are looking out for themselves. and the other big business that sell these insurance polices. The big businesses that pays for them to be reelected. They want to keep their jobs and health insurance, These big business know that they will have to readjust their polices or lose some of their business the politician or the big business don’t care about you or your health. Wake up people this world as you know it is passing away. Your hatred, jealousy and bigotry will soon be a thing of the pass and so will all of you, and the big business, and politicians.


Honesty where has it gone to? I once believed you could trust almost everyone. Not just family, friends, and neighbors but businesses to. That may have come from being raised in a small town where people were honest and trust worthy. As I look at the world around me today I wonder where all that honesty went. Why insurance companies rip people off. It seems as if the things that you are required by law to have are the biggest rip off. Followed closely by the things that you really need. The prices go through the roof. No wonder crime and violence is on the rampage.

One would have to wonder why is it that the government is bailing out big business? All they are doing is hurting people. The Government would come out better giving a million dollars to each citizen and allowing them to spend and help the economy. We citizens would then be able to go to doctors who charge an arm and a leg just to spend five minutes to look at you. We would be able to buy proper food to feed our family. Food, by the way, that has sky rocketed in price. The cost is so high now that people have to make a choice between food or rent.

Where are all the honest folks? The ones who cared about the people not the dollar? Have they passed away and left their offspring who are greedy and money hungry? Who would kill their own for a dollar. Oh this sad sick world; when will it end?

What do you think about this world that we live in?