Disaster on Sunday (Part 2)

I was not expecting help from anyone as all I had experience was prejudice from white people since I moved to what I refer to as a God forsaken city. One of the sheriff deputies who was sent to investigate a problem that I was having with a few neighbor ask me what I did to them. They were the ones doing harm to me but I must have had to do something to them for them to cause me problems. I informed him that I had done nothing to them that I did not even know them. I mind my own business and take care of my own property. Well I say this so that you will understand the moral of my story and that is not every one is evil regardless of what you may read online, or how some of them may treat you.

The end of my disaster on Sunday and on Monday with our going to Tuffy  to get the breaks checked out and the doughnut tire replaced with the regular spare tire.  They had a special going buy three tires get one free The cost per tire I was told was $99.00 each. The sale man looked at the car with my daughter was told she need to replace them, I decided to do just that for her. When they came back in, a black man was there. He was pulling in as we were but did not come right in when he did it was while the salesman was outside with my daughter his first words was I have an appointment at 8:00 mind you it is not 8:00 yet it is a little pass 7:30 the salesman stopped waiting on my daughter to check him in.  Man more important than woman. Mind you. This is not our first time going to this place. We go there for service when we cannot make it to the car dealership for repairs as her daddy told her it is always better to go back to the car dealer to have repairs done at least you know he said that they are done right even if they charge you  more money.

tire-606100_1920I decided to have the oil changed along with the new tires and the break check was free so I asked how much the total job would cost with taxes and all. The salesman very loudly told me the total cost which was over $500.00 the black man all of a certain after his being rude the whole while he was there wanted to know how much the cost would be if he got the tires. The salesman very quietly spoke to him and wrote his price down on paper and came and showed him how much. The black man’s personal business was kept private; the woman’s personal business wad spread so that it was known to anyone within hearing range. Question should we have been rude and disrespectful as the Man was in order to get the salesman’s respect?

That is the end of my Sunday disaster until next time have a great day and a safe one.


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