Disaster on Sunday

I had a trying day Sunday. My heart seemed to hurt from stress and beat at what felt like a hundred miles a minute. We were on our way to a meeting when my daughter’s car had a flat tire and for the life of me I did not know why. So we turned down a side street off of a main road. Neither one of us had a cell phone so calling for help was out of the question. Since there are no public phones anymore along the roads we were just in a pickle. The little street was almost as busy as the two lane main road. I watched as car after car passed and no one offered to help. Finally, these two women stopped and offered the use of their cell phone. Next, this much older man riding his bicycle stopped when my daughter was on the cell phone trying to get the road side assistance. As the man started to change the tire another man driving by stopped in the street and asked if he needed help. He said no so the man continued on his way. As cars kept passing in both directions another young man parked behind us got out of his truck and assisted the older man who had stopped to help.

The stress continued the spare tire that was purchased some years ago and never used seemed to be hard to tighten the lug so finally they thought that they were tight after the young man got his own equipment and used it to tighten the lug nuts. Now that tire needs more air so we turned around to go to a gas station that we had passed on the way. The car started to sound funny as if we had another flat. We pulled into the Elk’s parking lot. I saw a man who I politely went up to and said excuse me twice to him and asked for help. He told me he had his own problems right now and kept doing what he was doing. We got back in the car and decided to just try to make it to the gas station. A minute or two, as my daughter was driving very slow and waving people who seemed to be in a hurry around her the tire just came completely off. She managed to pull off to the side paived path from the street and a really nice lady and her daughter had just left church and they stopped off and offered their cell phone so that we could try once again to call for help.

Next, another lady who was a firefighter stopped and got out of her car. Even though she had gotten off work and was on her way home to change clothes and go to church she would not leave us stranded alone along the road.

A man in a yellow car then stopped to help, but as there were no lug nuts there was nothing he could do. He apologized for not being able to help us and he went on his way. The first lady had to leave but she left her number with the firefighter so if we needed her we could call her.

model-1308660_1280I decided to walk along the road and see if I could find the lug nuts. I found two of them. I had not realized how many people who knew us had passed by. This couple that I knew saw me walking, pulled over and decided to turn around and drive me back to the car. When we got there the firefighter’s husband was there getting ready to work on the car. The sheriff eventually stopped and wanted to know what had happened.

The friends who brought me back stuck with us for the duration of the problem in order to get to a place and get the car worked on. There is a lot more to this story the outcome will shock you so come back for the next post and I will tell you more of the story.

Have a good day hopefully without problems.


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