Life and Trust

I seem to be mesmerized by life. To me I find that for everyone life has a hole in it. The size of that hole can be small, large, or gigantic. Who decides what the size of your hole is? Only you can do that. That hole could deal with family, friends, finances, or just people in general.

The trusting of ones family, mates, or friends can put a strain on relationships. So the question that came before me as to why life makes it so hard to trust people or ourselves at times? My answer is this it is not life that makes it hard to trust but people who make it hard to trust others or sometimes even ourselves.

If you loose trust in someone or feel like you cannot trust your own feelings can it ever be regained? I cannot say for sure if it can or not. Some one said to me I can forgive my mate for the wrong done to me but I can never love nor trust them again, for that is lost.

Another example is dealing with money and family; one family member felt that he could never trust other family member to handle money and property He said from now own it has to be done his way or not at all.

black hole-1063440_1920In these two examples this was a gigantic hole in their lives. One dealing with their mate who had now committed adultery. This mate who was their family their whole life. Some one they had put above all other mother father, brother, and sister people they had spent their whole life with was now treated as if they no longer existed. Now that mate was lost there was no love and no trust, did life cause this or did people cause this hole for all involved, and from the statement made trust nor love could never be regained.

Our second example is a brother dealing with inheritance of money and property. Money taken, antiques sold without other family being involved and the money pocketed by those who took it for themselves and left others out. Now the last piece of property left a family home that need to be sold is being used as a hole. My way or no way. Which means the courts will have to settler the matter and every one looses.

So can trust be regained I say only time can tell.

What’s your thought?


One comment

  1. I think that trust once lost can never really come back to what it was before it was lost. That doesn’t mean that the person can’t trust a little, but completely…I think not. I think there will always be something there that makes the other person who was hurt wonder if the other person is going to do it again. Is working late really just working late…trust is something earned, not given and once it is broken I do not think it can ever truly be fully earned again.

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