Political Wars

My daughter asked me what I was going to rant about, I did not say what because I was thinking about an article I had just read, two as a matter of fact. Both stupid but one concerns me more than the other.

Black people need to learn to stick together and not allow anyone to use them in their political wars. The black woman who attacked Hillary Clinton at her camping speech in South Carolina about something that happened twenty years ago was in the wrong. Maybe she was paid to do it by haters of Hillary Clinton or by the republicans, only God, she and whoever put her up to it knows. It was not in good taste and the truth is who cares; the only thing that should matter is the now and the future. You see, we cannot change the past; it is over with. The one thing I am sure of if we check every ones past we will find something that we don’t approve of. If you check every candidate who is running for office you will probably find something of racial haters in their background or some member of their family. Go all the way back to slavery and you will see just what I am talking about. Even farther from the beginning of mankind’s history; does that make senses to you?

As to who will be the better leader the scripture at Jeremiah 10:23 tell us that “Man’s way does not belong to him It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step” with that being said how can he direct yours or mine. You people may think that Hillary Clinton is evil but she may just be the lesser of the rest of the evil ones.

Maybe you should focus on the problems that are going on right now not what happened in the past that can’t be changed but the future ones can be shaped for the better. Take the health care that Obama started, there was a lot of good there but not for everyone since it is in place maybe now they can make it affordable for everyone instead of lining theses insurance companies’ pockets. Medicare—did you know that they only give you part A that does not cover a lot of medical need. If you want to be covered you have to buy the additional cover Part B, C, D, each one at an additional coast. Part D goes up anywhere from $10.00 every year. And you are told that once you have it that if you try and drop it you are threatened that it will be reported to the credit bureau and go on your credit report.

Issues like these should be addressed and important to all people. People get your heads out of the past and stop kissing these people’s behinds, stop letting them use you to belittle yourselves, and disrespect others so that they can win an election. These ones who stoop to such low levels are only serving the devil’s purpose. I don’t usually vote but if I did I would vote for Hillary Clinton I think she is the lesser of the evil that is out there running for President. I also think that the Black woman should have given her the chance to answer her question instead of looking like the fool she was. This is also why I think she was paid to do it. As for the other candidate they supposedly did this to and he then hired a black woman to help him in his campaign it’s all a stage to get people on their side. So wake up people to the scam that the people are perpetrating.

Until next time, Barbie rants signing off.



  1. I find when people lack jobs they have more time to cause disturbances. However, I guess one can make a judgement on the politician by their response to such things. It does seem that the vote comes down to the lesser of two evils now days. Politicians never really seem to care about the people they want to vote for them.

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