Germs and the People Who Spread Them

When I was growing up my father taught me to be clean and have respect for others. Wash hands, cover my mouth–the usual clean and respectful things. Even with age I subscribe to the same belief system. But then I find people who are older than I am who do not have that same consideration for others.

There are those who are sick who come and spread there germs and yet they claim to love you. What is love? Is love making other people sick like you are? That would not be my definition. What about you; what is your definition of it?

Do you think when a person is sick that they should keep their germs at home or should they bring them out in public and spread them so that everybody else gets sick?

Just a couple questions from Barbie Rants. Answer them if you have the nerve.




  1. People don’t care about not spreading germs anymore. I think for people like that it would be good if they got it back just the way they give it out.

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