Rude Employees Hurt Business

pants-268653_1920Today I got an eye full as I walked through Wall Mart. I had no surprise there as the employees are still the same, rude and not willing to help even after you ask. I don’t buy a lot at this Wall Mart in the city where I live. I usually go to another city about 30 minutes away because the people there are a lot different than the ones where I live. Although I think that all of the Wall Marts some of their employee have problems they act as if they do not want to work. I think this one where I live is probably the worst one yet that I have ever been in. So I try to limit my visit to this one. However if I am out walking in that area and I need something I will go in.

I saw a nice water fountain that I had not seen before in any store. I tried to price it, no price tag. so I asked the unfriendly employee who was working in that area where they were as I only seen the display one where the others were also sitting. I asked how much it cost he told me they were on back order and he had no idea what they cost, end of conversation as he walked away. He would not even look it up to find out. Why is it that people put things out with no price if they do not have them in the store to sell? Why are the employees so nasty? The only thing this accomplishes is it makes me not want to shop in any of their stores.


slider-154174_1280My second adventure this morning was a trip to the library. It was closed when I got there so I sat and watched people as they came up to drop books off and some like myself waited for it to open. The peace and quiet that I love was disturbed by this man throwing his book down on the bench. He then proceeded to make a telephone call and talk loud enough to wake the dead as if that is possible. I was not interested in his conversation so why in heaven’s name did he feel the need to talk so loud.

The next encounter was watching this man get out of his car leave it running with the door open and he walked over and dropped his return books in the drop box. Then people wonder why their cars get stolen. He could not have run to stop anyone from taking it if he would have had to because he was not a young man. And I can see not a very smart one either.

Well that is my rant for today. For those of you who don’t love your job all I can say is be thankful that you have one, and please try to change your attitude. Have a good day and try to stay safe.

Until next time Barbie rants signing off.



  1. I agree with you. When businesses have mega rude employees it can make people not want to shop there. I have left a couple businesses behind because of this.

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