From the beginning of the creation of the world of mankind jealousy reared its ugly head. The bible helps us to see how Satan was jealous of his own father. How he wanted what belongs to him, how he took steps to acquire it by lying to his father’s earthly children. So once the lie was told mankind began his ugly history right here on earth. Once the ugliness began it did not stop; it has continued right down to our day.

Past history has seen hate, murder, stealing, lying, jealousy in all forms. Back in the Garden of Eden with the lie being told to Eve she stole what was not hers. As sin began to take its place Cain killed his brother Able. Then he lied about it. Why? Because he was jealousy. A lot of bad things happened after that, what is more important is the secession of world powers

Each of these world powers starting with Egypt, then Assyria, next Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and now the dual world power Britain and the US. Each one came about by overthrowing the other one.

World power after world power has failed because each proceeding powers over through the one before it with war and taking of what was left. Now we are down to the last world power and mankind have still not changed. They still kill, steal, hate, and have a jealousy that can never be really explained. That jealousy has expanded to people not just the leader taking but every day people now wanting what others have, never being satisfied with what they have. Feeling as if this earth belongs to them and only them. The only difference in mankind today and the first humans on earth is they did not have a problem with skin color.

What do you think History has taught humans?



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