Past and future

I think that we all have a little prejudice in us weather we want to admit it or not. It has been said that without our past there would be no future. So by looking back to the past it shows why we have reason to feel a little prejudice. I can only hope that the future will get better.

I have seen a lot of changes over the years and there are still a lot that need to be changed. Attitudes play a lot in changing things. I have had to pray hard myself not to let the attitude of others push me back to hate. Where I live at, racial prejudice is felt very strong.

In this day and time you would think that the generation that hated so hard would be gone but regardless to what Sidney Poitier said in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner “that until the whole generation of his acting father had laid down and died would the yoke of their hatred be gone off his neck.” He forgot that some of the children of that generation was being taught by their parents the same hate that they had. So prejudice would never be fully eradicated because they would also teach their children the same thing.

So my question to you is should we allow the prejudices of family, friends, or evil neighbors and their children set us back hundreds of years and become like them? Or should we just feel sorry for them and push on for a better future?

The one thing I have tried to do is teach my children that skin color should never matter when it comes to marriage and love. That whoever a person falls in loves with should be from their heart. There is only one race on the face of this earth and that is the human race and that each and every one of us has pigmentation to our skin, all different in some form or another. Remember one thing that the Almighty God Jehovah himself said he is not partial (Acts 10:34) he love us all he just hates the bad and evil things that some of us do and feel.

Barbie rants signs off with a little advice to each and every one of you keep love in your heart for all people regardless of pigmentation. The only one that is good is the almighty God Jehovah himself as Jesus helps us to see (Mark 10:18).




  1. I think you have to stay true to yourself the best you can, but I am also fully aware that the negativity of others can greatly impact a person. It’s a tough struggle but I think trying to make sure one has as many good influences in their world will help diminish the negative some.

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