I often wonder if the changes that are being made in life are good or bad. I look back at a time when going to a library was a time when you could study or read in peace and quiet. It seems as if now a change has taken place and quiet is no longer being enforced.  Now I am being told that it is a community place where people, because they do so much for the community, are allowed to talk loud laugh and keep up all sort of noise. Decorate Christmas trees and hold just about any and every thing they want now in the library. As I now live in Palm Coast Florida I often wonder if all Libraries in all other states have sunk to this level. I remember when I lived in Ohio the library in Euclid as well as downtown Cleveland was a place of quiet even the computer section I can only hope that it is still the same.

 Now days here in Palm Coast, and Ormond beach they have the retired who evidently do not need money because they work for free and those who do need a job, that pays can not get one in a library, as long as the freebee are there . Their bills don’t get paid and they end up out on the street.  No wonder the economy is in such bad shape.  Every one is stuffing their own pockets, and other is suffering because the freebee takes the jobs that should go to those who need to work. It just like the government who when people donate to their campaign they in return give them bail out or government contract. The whole world seems to be crooked.

 They come in sick and spread their germs so that others end up sick. They are on Medicare so they don’t worry about paying medical bills. There are those who have no insurance and have to pay out of pocket, have no jobs so they cannot go to doctors for help, because they cannot afford to give an arm or leg for help. To me that is just wrong.

 That is just my opinion. What is your?


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