How clean is it? Are people ignorant? Or is it that they just do not care about others?    I recently stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Port Orange, FL. The room in itself all in all was not bad. Once the air circulated the stuffiness was abated.  However there was something that made me itch all night, as it did not affect my daughter I can only assume that there was something in the hotel that I may have been very sensitive to.

The food being served for breakfast was not bad. What I consumed was fresh, and tasty. The problem, begin when a man walked into the food area with his dog. That is why I asked the questions above.  Common sense should have told the man that it was against the law to have his dog in the food area. If I had been from the board of health, or some other person there had been working for the board of health the hotel would have been fined.

I have to commend the front desk clerk who immediately stepped in and told the man that the dog could not be in the area. The man got mad but who cares. He may complain to the owner, but if the owners are in any way right they will give the clerk a commendation or a raise for doing his job.

People with animals should realize that just because they don’t mind eating dog hair and having animals around their food does not mean that every one wants the same thing. What you do in your own home is your business, but to bring it out in public is just wrong. If you like kissing your dogs in the mouth, have them eating off your plate’ that’s your business. Personally I think it is disgusting, and will not even eat in a person home that has dogs, or cats.

It seems as now day’s people can not take trips unless they take their pets with them. It was already bad enough that you can no longer sit on the grass, have picnics like we did years ago without ending up in dog mess, but even walking on the side walks has become dangerous as you may end up stepping in dog mess if you are not looking down where you are walking. They are sleeping in the hotel now and you end up sleeping in the rooms where they have slept and for those of you who maybe like me are very sensitive to the smells usually end up in one of those rooms.

Over the past year I have stayed in ten hotels, nine different ones. These hotel has been located in Georgia, Texas, Paris France, Washington State, Ohio, Main, and Florida. Out of all there are only three I would definitely recommend, and one I would semi recommend.

  1. The Quality Inn in Marysville, WA. That I almost missed out on because of staying in one in St. Augustine FL.
  2. The Hampton Inn in Beachwood Ohio
  3. The Fairfield Marriot in Palm Coast FL

The Simi recommendation would be the LaQuinta here in Port Orange FL. The one this article is about.

The bottom line is you people with your pets, try being respectful of other and the rules governing your pet in public. Don’t put them in baby carriage like so many that I see do in order to sneak them in to places that said no pets.

Barbie Rants


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