Laws and the people who make them

In reading some of the comment concerning the Health care bill that was passed I could not help but see how enraged everybody is. Those for it and those against it. Those who want the states to intervene. I could not help but wonder if any of you know what your state is doing with other laws that are in effect in those states take for instance the real estate laws that they have written in the contract that you sign when you make a bid on a house. If you win that bid then you have to have the house inspected. Which is fine, it is the wording that is in the contract in statement 100 that causes a great deal of concern for me. If you decided that you do not want the house because there may be something seriously wrong with it then if the inspector has done any damage at all in his inspection then you have to pay for that damage. For example say the roof is rotten and the inspector falls through then you have to repair the part of the roof that he fell through. Hopefully he already has insurance to pay for any medical cost he may incur from his fall. If there is something wrong with the material that was used in the walls and he took a sample you have to pay to have that fixed. When I called them on that I was told that they would go after the inspector for any damage done but they refuse to put it in writing, or remove the wording in the contract that the buyer would be responsible for the damage.

So when you people stop and think about what your state want to do, try reading some of the laws they already have in effect. Everyone is out for themselves. Don’t think for one minutes those people who are fighting so hard to keep this health bill from become a law cares about you. they are looking out for themselves. and the other big business that sell these insurance polices. The big businesses that pays for them to be reelected. They want to keep their jobs and health insurance, These big business know that they will have to readjust their polices or lose some of their business the politician or the big business don’t care about you or your health. Wake up people this world as you know it is passing away. Your hatred, jealousy and bigotry will soon be a thing of the pass and so will all of you, and the big business, and politicians.


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