Honesty where has it gone to? I once believed you could trust almost everyone. Not just family, friends, and neighbors but businesses to. That may have come from being raised in a small town where people were honest and trust worthy. As I look at the world around me today I wonder where all that honesty went. Why insurance companies rip people off. It seems as if the things that you are required by law to have are the biggest rip off. Followed closely by the things that you really need. The prices go through the roof. No wonder crime and violence is on the rampage.

One would have to wonder why is it that the government is bailing out big business? All they are doing is hurting people. The Government would come out better giving a million dollars to each citizen and allowing them to spend and help the economy. We citizens would then be able to go to doctors who charge an arm and a leg just to spend five minutes to look at you. We would be able to buy proper food to feed our family. Food, by the way, that has sky rocketed in price. The cost is so high now that people have to make a choice between food or rent.

Where are all the honest folks? The ones who cared about the people not the dollar? Have they passed away and left their offspring who are greedy and money hungry? Who would kill their own for a dollar. Oh this sad sick world; when will it end?

What do you think about this world that we live in?



  1. I don’t know where honesty went to. I also don’t know where respect went either. I guess somewhere along the line people just gave up caring about other people and the world slowly turned into a majority of “me only” attitudes.

    • It is too bad. I am learning more each day that people just don’t care. Sad day. I have post a blog on Laws and the people who make them. give me your thought on that.

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