No future without a past

I heard once that there is no future without the past. Could this be true? Could this be why so many people are now searching for their past? Should we be satisfied with what we know? If we search and find out that our ancestors were murders, thieves, and haters, what effect will it have on us? In our search if we find that a lot of information has been destroyed would you wonder why? Could it be that the government wanted to shape the future of everyone? A future that would fit its mold of what people should really be like? What then are we leaving our children, our grandchildren, their grandchildren? Is it the government mold of what our past should be like, or what it really was like? Is the past of our forefathers a good one to have?

Should someone else way of life be forced on others? In the past a way of life was forced on the Indians, so much so that their past was taken away from them, and they were given another nations of people ways of living. The Politician succeed in genocide their way of life.

The Indians were no longer allowed to roam their land for food, to think for themselves, to believe in their God, to make or wear their own clothes, to live their lives the way they wanted to live. To learn in the way they had always learned. Instead the government molded them to be what they wanted them to be. They stripped them of their dignity, treated them lower than what they treated their livestock. All in the name of progress.

Progress at any cost seems to be okay for our government, they don’t mind stealing the land of peaceful people, murdering, or allowing the genocide of a nation of people, or their ways of life.



  1. I have Native American Indian in my family history too and so I can understand what you are saying. It’s not easy to trace back with my ancestor search because so much of the information just isn’t there because it’s been destroyed and because they didn’t keep the best of records in this country way back when.

    I too agree the government was wrong in their treatment of so many people. I know people say that was so long ago, but think more recent during WWII when they rounded up the JA’s in to camps.

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