Obama Tired

Julie Pace did a news article for the Associated Press. The article was entitle “BIG FIRST YEAR LEAVES OBAMA TIRED” While on-line I read it and then made a comment. In order for you to understand what I am posting you would have to go read the article and then some of the comment before you could ever began to answer my questions. I would not say read them all because there are so many of them and they are so full of hate that you may not wish to read them, as they come from ignorant people and you may not want to be associated with them. For the ones you do read answer the following question for me. 

 1.  Who do these people remind you of? 

They remind me of the person  History tried to make into a hero. But we all know that he was a BIGOTS, and a HATE MONGERS. 

 2.  Could these people who are posting these comments of hate be related to him? 

 Remember the General Custer, who set out to destroy a whole nation of people because they were different. He was a murder, of old men, women, children, and babies. He has been called a yellow-haired dog by many a name well deserved. It seem a shame that anyone would want to be related to such a man. In the end he received his just reward. He was killed at the little bighorn. 

 3. Could all these people be members of a long hate group who were called KKK? Whom I would say was also the offspring of the General, who ends up being the offspring of Satan the Devil. 

 Maybe they are all KKK that what they sound like anyway. If you read their comment, you would probably agree with me. 

 It is a sad day that there is still so much  hate in this world against people who are difference. Even sadder that the intelligent of people are worst than that of the stone ages. 


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