What are holiday’s? Who benefits from them? What they are is a time when people go crazy, with shopping, decorating, cooking, and visiting. Some visit people they have not seen in awhile taking gifts and receiving gifts. It is a time for wishing and hoping. Still for others it is a time for crying and sadness. Whereas for those with any sanity at all it is just another day in a long line of days of crime, hate, and remembrance of what is going to be and what has already passed.

There is nothing wrong with shopping, cooking, visiting; we all do those things at some point in our lives. Why then are holidays so crazy for some people? As for the ones who benefit they are the businesses. They advertise their merchandise way in advance of holidays. People stand in line even sleep in front of stores waiting to be first to grab certain products that are on sale and in limited amounts. They have been known to even kill people trying to get to these products.

Even your light company, gas company, transportation system reaps the benefit. Take a good look at your light bill look at how high it goes up with your decoration. Even those of us who do not put them up still suffer because our bills go up too.

When that one day is over and you are stuck with tons of bills don’t complain. Just know you were the crazy one, and the businesses that benefit from your craziness they were the smart ones.

Until next time Barbi Rants says think before you spend your hard earned money.


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