Arts and Craft

This past Saturday, 11.28.09, I helped my daughter with her table at an arts and crafts show. All in all I must say it was good, with the exception of one person. All the people who were set up there were nice and friendly. The arts and crafts were supposed to be something you made yourself. Well there was a Mary Kay booth set up, t-shirts that were obviously purchased and iron on dressings added. But for the most part everything looked as if people had come up with good ideas and had done the things themselves.

The one woman who was not nice or friendly came in throwing things on the table, moving the table, knocking things over on my daughter’s table and moving the table so close that you could not get out without moving her table again. She was fussing and complaining about where she wanted to sit. She was a complete idiot. I felt sorry for her husband. I kept my cool though because I wanted to slap some sense into her, but I didn’t. When she started to pick up things on my daughter’s table I told her to leave it alone. I also reminded her that somebody else would have to get by and as there was no way to move our table (it was already touching another table) she would have to move her table back the way it was. Some people can really try your patience. They finally moved her. If it had been me I would have sent her butt packing. If she refused to leave I would then have called the police and had her removed. Why is it that some people think they are better than others? To the person that really matters we are all nothing but dust. So all of you who think you are better, think again. To the Almighty your money, prestige or anything else you may have means nothing. For Tanny from Tanny’s Creations, whose jewelry was all made by hand and the wood carving that your husband did they were beautiful. For Shunta, Holly, and Linda, the artwork was superior. But please don’t any of you allow it to go to your head. I think you all should get into actual art shows. Shows where people appreciate good art and great ideas. Keep the good work up.


Barbie Rants


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