Brats or Children?

Hello it’s barbie rants.  I read an article on Shine a few weeks ago about a stranger who spanked a woman,s small child for acting up in a store. A lot of people responded to the article. Some were mad, others found humor in the way the story was written, some were sympathetic, and still others were ready to be violent.

I grant you the woman was wrong for hitting another person’s child. But the mother of the child was also wrong for not disciplining her own child, or being so far away from her that some one else had to do the disciplining for her. I have heard another side of this story that the woman was not spanking the child but was merely trying to comfort her. At any rate some of the comments are as follows:

1. I let my child scream until he gets tired. That way he learns that he is not going to get his way.

(a)It does not matter how long it screams or who it bothers. Question : What do you think about that?

2. I don’t believe in spanking a child.

(b) The bible says if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Question: Who is right the parent or the Creator Almighty God?

3. I live in New York, if it had been my child or any other New Yorker, the woman who hit the child would be dead now and I or some one would probably be in jail.

(c)Question: Do you think this is a proper attitude to have? What is the parent really teaching his/her child? As the response came from a parent in N.Y. stating that all other  parents in NY. would do the same, does this mentality really reflect all New York parents?

4. I think that people who agree with this stranger do not have children.

(d)Question: Do you think that only people with children can speak on raising them?

5. I read parenting books and they say never spank your child. Let them scream, cry whatever.

(e) Sounds like Dr. Spock who felt that way for years, then one day came to his senses and changed his opinion as to using spanking as a form of discipline. Question: Do you think that those readers who base raising their children on parenting books, written by who knows who make the best parents, rather than those who raise them by the experience that they had, being raised by their own parents?

I could go on with these comment and question for days but it has to end somewhere. So I will end it with a comment of my own, and a question. For you people who feel that only parenting books is the best advice to follow, look out you may be raising jail birds. Those of you who felt that violence is how the problem should have been handled, that sounds like to me a dramatic step, that will always back fire, on you or your off springs. For parents who say let them scream, cry, or whatever, that is foolish, and you should be disciplined for allowing a child to carry on in this way. For those who have no children, don’t be offended by those who do. They are just ignorant, and need someone to teach them the base facts of life. That is because people do not have children for whatever reason they choose not to have them, probably will make a better parent than a lot of those who have them. A lot of your comments made better sense than those who have children did. Maybe because you could look at both side of the situation.

My question is this: Since the government has interfered with how parents raise their children, Do you think that they are to blame for the increase in crime, that exist in our world today?


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