After reading  Mr. Jim Landon’s comment on why allow fencing and how high they should be I want to let people know what I thought about this law that these so called leaders are making concerning the citizens here in Palm Coast. I feel that people take too much for granted that they should not just assume that they can decided for everyone what they can and cannot have on property that they are paying for.

Come on people a fence. Yet they can allow them to have so much growing up in their backyards that it looks like a jungle so much so that you have to deal with rats and snakes. A fence is something that provides some measure of privacy. I have always heard that a good fence make for good neighbors I believe this as there are some neighbors who are rude, nasty, and like to trespass with their animals and mess all over your property. Don’t bother putting up no trespassing signs as the only ones who respect those are Jehovah Witnesses the only ones you are not putting the sign up for.

I have copied and pasted below the comment of Mr. Landon and some reply to his statement; read it for yourself and see what they have to say about fences. What is your take on the subject? Who decided that these people are so smart that they know just what everyone else needs? In other words who died and made them Gods?

Article shared below.

Fences May Rise in Front Yards Citywide and Descend in Backyards, Along Saltwater Canals

Currently prohibited, front-yard fences may be coming to Palm Coast, but with several restrictions. And backyard fences near saltwater canals may see greater regulations, as the city seeks to balance a measure of transparency with property owners’ privacy concerns. The aim is to keep fences from turning into visually polluting blockages, and to ensure that fences comply with code and safety regulations, or ease of access to properties during emergencies.


Front yards won’t change much even with the newly allowed fencing.

A white picket fence, for example, could line the side of a lot, but not the front side of a lot paralleling the street. In other words, no enclosed front yards allowed. The fence must be no higher than 3 feet. The fence may not be a solid wall of material: at least 50 percent of its structure must be “open” in such a way that the eye can see through to the other side. Chain link fences are still prohibited regardless. And fences must be set off from property lines by at least 5 feet. The set-back is a preference of public works, so there’s no interference with swales and other infrastructure.

That doesn’t mean that all types of fences are otherwise prohibited: some low-lying, very limited landscape fencing has been and is still allowed, as when it partially frames a tree bed, for example, or a copse of trees.

“We’re actually relaxing the criteria, trying to allow for more flexibility,” City Manager Jim Landon said, “without a major change.”

Council member Steven Nobile went on a recent exploration of home-improvement stores. “It was hard to find a 3-foot fence of any significance,” he said. Fences tend to start at 4 feet.

“These aren’t intended to be barriers,” Landon said, leaving the way open for setting the fence height between 3 and 4 feet.

Backyard fences have been allowed, and will continue to be allowed. But the city may more strictly regulate backyard fences that abut saltwater canals in the F and C Sections. Mayor Jon Netts lives on one such property. (Remaining canals in the city are freshwater.) The aim is to lower the height of certain fences in certain places.

Relaxing fencing regulations up front, making them stricter in certain C and F-Section backyards.

Why the difference between saltwater and freshwater canals? The answer is not necessarily precise: “If you’re in a saltwater canal, the atmosphere seems to be much more wide open,” Landon said. “When you’re in a freshwater canal, there’s still a lot of lots that have woods. It just doesn’t have that open feeling. I remember when I looked at a house and I stepped outside the yard on a saltwater canal I could see all the neighbors on the other side and it just felt like I was out in an open area. I go in a freshwater canal area and it just had a whole different feel.”

“If it becomes an issue on the freshwater canals, we’ll address it,” Netts said.

“And if you hear that it is an issue, freshwater, let us know, but we haven’t heard that.”

“I haven’t heard of it being an issue on the saltwater canals except in one or two cases,” council member Bill McGuire said.

That’s how rare it is, Landon said, and it’s usually a result of spite between neighbors. “It’s not just fences,” Landon said. “It’s amazing what people will do when they get in a feud with their neighbors.”

Here’s the picture in backyards along saltwater fences, and how it may change: Currently, property owners may install chainlink fences or solid fences that block all views, and have those fences rise up to 6 feet. New regulations would require that any solid, non-transparent fencing that falls within 20 feet of the setback from a saltwater canal be no higher than 4 feet. Open fences could keep their current heights.

Jim Landon. (Palm Coast)

“It provides that privacy if that’s what you’re looking for,” Landon said, “but as soon as you get into the setback area, which is usually where you can’t have buildings, there’s different criteria, that’s where you have to step it down.” From a code enforcement standpoint, Landon said, “it’s very logical for us.”

This is barely the first step in the regulatory process. The city administration was looking for the council’s direction on the proposed regulations. The council approved. Next, the administration will draft the new code regulations and submit them to the planning board, which will either recommend their approval or reject them, though that vote is non-binding on the council. It’ll be up to the council to vote in the regulations. Along the way, the public will get a chance to address either body, and perhaps trigger more amendments.

None of the current homeowners in compliance with the current code will be affected by the changes. They’ll be grandfathered in. “If they are in compliance and you change the law, you can’t make them bring it into compliance” with the new regulations, Landon said.

“Does it make everybody happy? No,” Mayor Jon Netts said. “But it seems to be a reasonable compromise and there is some basis in historical land use planning that supports this.”

Palm Coast Fencing Regulations, Proposed (2015)

  1. YankeeExPat says:

April 1, 2015 at 4:52 pm

Your lawn guy will Love you for this one


  1. Nikia says:

April 1, 2015 at 6:01 pm

What is the point if you can’t line the front?


  1. Col. Armory says:

April 1, 2015 at 6:17 pm

Well if I can’t have a fence around my house, can I dig a MOAT and put a few alligators in it. Seems Palm Coast has become a criminals dream city. No fences, open view, Lots of running area.


  1. Dave Wettlaufer says:

April 1, 2015 at 10:23 pm

Well, the front yard fences are fine…I don’t see an issue either way but what is the point of forcing less privacy on homes on the salt water canal? I read it twice and I have no clue why you would do that.


  1. Linda Weatherbee Holt says:

April 1, 2015 at 10:58 pm

I still don’t under stand for the life of me how people can tell you what you can do with your land when there are no HOA


April 2, 2015 at 12:08 am

Palm Coast just wants to control everyone so glad I am out of there


  1. Bon Bell says:

April 1, 2015 at 11:22 pm

Dear god…we’ve done so well with the ugly mishegas of BACK yard fences …we now want to export that “eclectic” sensibility to the thousands upon thousands of FRONT yards in our perfectly beautiful already front yards?

We need to grow our job numbers/salaries…we need to feed our hungry, house our homeless and face that Florida sea levels are rising….yet you all have enough time/resources to sail off into this wholly unnecessary quagmire of cutting hundreds/thousands of Palm Coasters loose in HD & Lowes fencing dept… for what ! ? Why ! ? Think this would also really, really strain the ole ‘Love thy neighbor’ ideal we’re aiming for here.

Oh…I get it…APRIL FOOLS !

Very funny. Now hit the DELETE button on this ‘what the heck?’ ridiculous ‘front yard fencing’ idea.


  1. Michelle Lee O’connor says:

April 2, 2015 at 12:53 am

There are way too many rules and regulations in Palm coast just one of the many reasons I moved. It’s a shame,it’s a nice looking town


April 2, 2015 at 1:15 am

Rules – that’s what makes Palm coast ‘a nice looking town’…business owners see it as a place where they would like to live and start or relocate their company.


  1. downinthelab says:

April 1, 2015 at 9:33 pm

I could use some help, wife wants to put in a line of bushes in the front yard, just inside the swale, about four feet high, across the whole front yard. Is that going to fly?


  1. Barbara says:

May 14, 2016 at 5:34 am

The problem is that the laws that need enforcing they do not enforce. People and their dogs, and cats they let run loose and mess in your yards. Then they don’t want you to put up a fence. I would like to put up a brick or block fence all around my property. Arizona has the right idea they have block for their yards that way there is no wood to rot. People are different there; they respect their neighbor. They don’t try and freeload off of what they do to improve their property. This five feet from the property line that only works if you are not white. They can put up fences and bring them as close as they want to your fence so that they can save money by not having to put up one on one side and steal the use of yours. Don’t bother complaining to the city they won’t do anything if the person who is doing it is white they will only tell you that it is a civil matter. I think we could do without all these so called leaders and do what we want to our property. If i could get 200 thousand for my home i would sell tomorrow and leave this God forsaken city and move somewhere were more suitable for minority.


  1. Barbara says:

May 14, 2016 at 5:53 am

Bon Bell
The only businesses that seem to be coming here are fast food restaurants. The ones that don’t pay anything much. With no jobs who can really afford to go to any. The type of businesses that are needed are not here and probably never will be. Face the facts this is not a place big companies want to come. There is simply nothing to bring them here. Except maybe some over paid city leaders who do nothing to earn these big salaries. From what I have heard the rules on what type sign these business can put up is also a problem, so why come to a place where you already know that you are not going to make it, when you can go to a city where your chance of growing your business is much better and probably cheaper than one that can’t even take care of the problem in their own city.


  1. Barbara says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

May 16, 2016 at 3:20 am

Downinthrlab That may work. if you are white, if not forget it. The neighbor next door to me who is white hedge are higher than my fence in the back yard and her’s are in the front. She for some reason cut them down as they was like trees for the three and a half years i have lived here. Very seldom do she shape them they grow back fast.


  1. Barbara says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

May 16, 2016 at 3:51 am

Dave very funny but a good idea especially for bad neighbors and their dogs and cats send some my way. Do you think Mr. Jim Landon have pets that he let run all over messing on other people’s property why he is so dead set against fences, or is he some kind of peeping tom who just want to see what other have going or doing in their yards? Is freedom of speech still allowed? Is wanting privacy a crime? Just because he feels that open space is good for him does not mean it is good for someone else. I say let those who want fences put them up and those who don’t want them leave their property as is.

Life and Trust

I seem to be mesmerized by life. To me I find that for everyone life has a hole in it. The size of that hole can be small, large, or gigantic. Who decides what the size of your hole is? Only you can do that. That hole could deal with family, friends, finances, or just people in general.

The trusting of ones family, mates, or friends can put a strain on relationships. So the question that came before me as to why life makes it so hard to trust people or ourselves at times? My answer is this it is not life that makes it hard to trust but people who make it hard to trust others or sometimes even ourselves.

If you loose trust in someone or feel like you cannot trust your own feelings can it ever be regained? I cannot say for sure if it can or not. Some one said to me I can forgive my mate for the wrong done to me but I can never love nor trust them again, for that is lost.

Another example is dealing with money and family; one family member felt that he could never trust other family member to handle money and property He said from now own it has to be done his way or not at all.

black hole-1063440_1920In these two examples this was a gigantic hole in their lives. One dealing with their mate who had now committed adultery. This mate who was their family their whole life. Some one they had put above all other mother father, brother, and sister people they had spent their whole life with was now treated as if they no longer existed. Now that mate was lost there was no love and no trust, did life cause this or did people cause this hole for all involved, and from the statement made trust nor love could never be regained.

Our second example is a brother dealing with inheritance of money and property. Money taken, antiques sold without other family being involved and the money pocketed by those who took it for themselves and left others out. Now the last piece of property left a family home that need to be sold is being used as a hole. My way or no way. Which means the courts will have to settler the matter and every one looses.

So can trust be regained I say only time can tell.

What’s your thought?

Political Wars

My daughter asked me what I was going to rant about, I did not say what because I was thinking about an article I had just read, two as a matter of fact. Both stupid but one concerns me more than the other.

Black people need to learn to stick together and not allow anyone to use them in their political wars. The black woman who attacked Hillary Clinton at her camping speech in South Carolina about something that happened twenty years ago was in the wrong. Maybe she was paid to do it by haters of Hillary Clinton or by the republicans, only God, she and whoever put her up to it knows. It was not in good taste and the truth is who cares; the only thing that should matter is the now and the future. You see, we cannot change the past; it is over with. The one thing I am sure of if we check every ones past we will find something that we don’t approve of. If you check every candidate who is running for office you will probably find something of racial haters in their background or some member of their family. Go all the way back to slavery and you will see just what I am talking about. Even farther from the beginning of mankind’s history; does that make senses to you?

As to who will be the better leader the scripture at Jeremiah 10:23 tell us that “Man’s way does not belong to him It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step” with that being said how can he direct yours or mine. You people may think that Hillary Clinton is evil but she may just be the lesser of the rest of the evil ones.

Maybe you should focus on the problems that are going on right now not what happened in the past that can’t be changed but the future ones can be shaped for the better. Take the health care that Obama started, there was a lot of good there but not for everyone since it is in place maybe now they can make it affordable for everyone instead of lining theses insurance companies’ pockets. Medicare—did you know that they only give you part A that does not cover a lot of medical need. If you want to be covered you have to buy the additional cover Part B, C, D, each one at an additional coast. Part D goes up anywhere from $10.00 every year. And you are told that once you have it that if you try and drop it you are threatened that it will be reported to the credit bureau and go on your credit report.

Issues like these should be addressed and important to all people. People get your heads out of the past and stop kissing these people’s behinds, stop letting them use you to belittle yourselves, and disrespect others so that they can win an election. These ones who stoop to such low levels are only serving the devil’s purpose. I don’t usually vote but if I did I would vote for Hillary Clinton I think she is the lesser of the evil that is out there running for President. I also think that the Black woman should have given her the chance to answer her question instead of looking like the fool she was. This is also why I think she was paid to do it. As for the other candidate they supposedly did this to and he then hired a black woman to help him in his campaign it’s all a stage to get people on their side. So wake up people to the scam that the people are perpetrating.

Until next time, Barbie rants signing off.

Germs and the People Who Spread Them

When I was growing up my father taught me to be clean and have respect for others. Wash hands, cover my mouth–the usual clean and respectful things. Even with age I subscribe to the same belief system. But then I find people who are older than I am who do not have that same consideration for others.

There are those who are sick who come and spread there germs and yet they claim to love you. What is love? Is love making other people sick like you are? That would not be my definition. What about you; what is your definition of it?

Do you think when a person is sick that they should keep their germs at home or should they bring them out in public and spread them so that everybody else gets sick?

Just a couple questions from Barbie Rants. Answer them if you have the nerve.


Rude Employees Hurt Business

pants-268653_1920Today I got an eye full as I walked through Wall Mart. I had no surprise there as the employees are still the same, rude and not willing to help even after you ask. I don’t buy a lot at this Wall Mart in the city where I live. I usually go to another city about 30 minutes away because the people there are a lot different than the ones where I live. Although I think that all of the Wall Marts some of their employee have problems they act as if they do not want to work. I think this one where I live is probably the worst one yet that I have ever been in. So I try to limit my visit to this one. However if I am out walking in that area and I need something I will go in.

I saw a nice water fountain that I had not seen before in any store. I tried to price it, no price tag. so I asked the unfriendly employee who was working in that area where they were as I only seen the display one where the others were also sitting. I asked how much it cost he told me they were on back order and he had no idea what they cost, end of conversation as he walked away. He would not even look it up to find out. Why is it that people put things out with no price if they do not have them in the store to sell? Why are the employees so nasty? The only thing this accomplishes is it makes me not want to shop in any of their stores.


slider-154174_1280My second adventure this morning was a trip to the library. It was closed when I got there so I sat and watched people as they came up to drop books off and some like myself waited for it to open. The peace and quiet that I love was disturbed by this man throwing his book down on the bench. He then proceeded to make a telephone call and talk loud enough to wake the dead as if that is possible. I was not interested in his conversation so why in heaven’s name did he feel the need to talk so loud.

The next encounter was watching this man get out of his car leave it running with the door open and he walked over and dropped his return books in the drop box. Then people wonder why their cars get stolen. He could not have run to stop anyone from taking it if he would have had to because he was not a young man. And I can see not a very smart one either.

Well that is my rant for today. For those of you who don’t love your job all I can say is be thankful that you have one, and please try to change your attitude. Have a good day and try to stay safe.

Until next time Barbie rants signing off.


From the beginning of the creation of the world of mankind jealousy reared its ugly head. The bible helps us to see how Satan was jealous of his own father. How he wanted what belongs to him, how he took steps to acquire it by lying to his father’s earthly children. So once the lie was told mankind began his ugly history right here on earth. Once the ugliness began it did not stop; it has continued right down to our day.

Past history has seen hate, murder, stealing, lying, jealousy in all forms. Back in the Garden of Eden with the lie being told to Eve she stole what was not hers. As sin began to take its place Cain killed his brother Able. Then he lied about it. Why? Because he was jealousy. A lot of bad things happened after that, what is more important is the secession of world powers

Each of these world powers starting with Egypt, then Assyria, next Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and now the dual world power Britain and the US. Each one came about by overthrowing the other one.

World power after world power has failed because each proceeding powers over through the one before it with war and taking of what was left. Now we are down to the last world power and mankind have still not changed. They still kill, steal, hate, and have a jealousy that can never be really explained. That jealousy has expanded to people not just the leader taking but every day people now wanting what others have, never being satisfied with what they have. Feeling as if this earth belongs to them and only them. The only difference in mankind today and the first humans on earth is they did not have a problem with skin color.

What do you think History has taught humans?


Past and future

I think that we all have a little prejudice in us weather we want to admit it or not. It has been said that without our past there would be no future. So by looking back to the past it shows why we have reason to feel a little prejudice. I can only hope that the future will get better.

I have seen a lot of changes over the years and there are still a lot that need to be changed. Attitudes play a lot in changing things. I have had to pray hard myself not to let the attitude of others push me back to hate. Where I live at, racial prejudice is felt very strong.

In this day and time you would think that the generation that hated so hard would be gone but regardless to what Sidney Poitier said in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner “that until the whole generation of his acting father had laid down and died would the yoke of their hatred be gone off his neck.” He forgot that some of the children of that generation was being taught by their parents the same hate that they had. So prejudice would never be fully eradicated because they would also teach their children the same thing.

So my question to you is should we allow the prejudices of family, friends, or evil neighbors and their children set us back hundreds of years and become like them? Or should we just feel sorry for them and push on for a better future?

The one thing I have tried to do is teach my children that skin color should never matter when it comes to marriage and love. That whoever a person falls in loves with should be from their heart. There is only one race on the face of this earth and that is the human race and that each and every one of us has pigmentation to our skin, all different in some form or another. Remember one thing that the Almighty God Jehovah himself said he is not partial (Acts 10:34) he love us all he just hates the bad and evil things that some of us do and feel.

Barbie rants signs off with a little advice to each and every one of you keep love in your heart for all people regardless of pigmentation. The only one that is good is the almighty God Jehovah himself as Jesus helps us to see (Mark 10:18).